Pure and Rare Breed Chickens

As devoted poultry enthusiasts, we offer help and support to anyone with an interest in keeping their own flock of chickens for fun and, of course, for the eggs!  Our lovely hens are naturally friendly and inquisitive creatures who are also generous layers of big, colourful, eggs.  Our reputation for outstanding poultry and informative courses has been earned over time – one happy hen at a time.

But don’t take our word for it – check our what our customers have to say.

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Hatching Eggs

Eggciting news! In 2018 hatching eggs from happy, entirely unrelated parent-stock will be available
all year round, for £3 each.

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Sexed and unsexed
day old chicks and chicks up to six weeks old will be available most of the year. All from happy, entirely unrelated parent-stock.

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Growers from six weeks old to thirteen weeks old are available throughout most of the year. All bred from entirely unrelated, happy parent-stock.

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Point of Lay Hens

Point of Lay hens are available throughout most of the year. They are bred from happy, unrelated parent-stock and are raised on Coccidiostat starter crumb.

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Cockerels can be raised upon request. They are bred from happy, unrelated parent-stock. They are also raised on a Coccidiostat starter feed.

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Our Glowing Reviews!

Sally, we cannot thank you enough, not just for your beautiful hens, but your endless patience and knowledge and for guiding us expertly through our first experience with "day old Chicks". The care you take with your flock is reflected in the quality of the beautiful happy, healthy girls we now share our Garden with. We have learned such a great deal from you and rest assured you will be our first phone call when we next need some hens.


I got 5 beautiful hens from Sally and they are all wonderful. They all get on so well and happily roam around their enclosure and the garden. Sally clearly cares very much about chickens as they are all very calm and healthy birds. I can't wait to start getting eggs especially as they will be different shades of blue, green and brown from the breeds I got. Sally is very knowledgeable and also give great advice. Thanks so much!


An absolute pleasure to get chickens from this breeder. After getting our first chickens this spring, Sally was more than happy to give any advice we needed we had brought our chicks home. Her bio-security is great and shows that her main goal is to keep the hens safe and healthy. All of our hens are friendly and have great personalities, will definitely be getting more from you next year!!


We bought two Cream Crested Legbar growers from Happy Garden Hens. Sally was very helpful and the hens were in excellent condition. Four months later and the girls are looking beautiful and, more importantly, are very healthy. We would use Happy Garden Hens again.


Got some gorgeous babies from Sally today, super healthy chirping away happily in their new home. Sally couldn't be nicer or more helpful. Thanks so much.


Lovely people, great with advice during and after the purchase and we now have our very own Happy Hens!!


Excellent customer service. Sally and Vlad have done their homework. Chickens are excellent quality and very well cared for. Highly recommended!


I came across Sally’s website by chance and for a first time hen keeper it was the best stroke of luck I could have had.
My son and I wanted to surprise my wife and two daughters by having a chicken run, coop and four chickens in situ ready for when they came back from a weeks holiday. I explained what I intended doing to Sally who provided input to me throughout the week.
We had a good idea of what we wanted to build, but Sally’s experience and freely given guidance was invaluable. We finished the build a day before their return and Sally was extremely accommodating in having four chickens for us to collect.
Sally showed them to us and evidenced their impeccable condition and health before we left. The surprise was complete and then we needed to best understand how to look after the chickens. For a fee Sally made a house call and spent over two hours with us highlighting all aspects of chicken husbandry, from feeding, security, handling, housing, health plus a lot more.
The course was informative and professionally presented in a very pleasant and relaxed manner. I am confident for a first time hen keeper or someone who wants to know more about how best to look after their chickens, receiving input from Sally will prove to be hugely worthwhile.

Paul and Family

Thank you for your help and advise during my efforts to hatch and rear chicks. You clearly know your subject and the quick response to questions is both reassuring and more importantly, has proved to be correct. The chicks I bought from you have settled well and I look forward to using Happy Garden Hens again.


I’ve got quite a small garden and just wanted a few hens for some eggs. Someone recommended that I speak with Sally and I decided to book onto her Introduction to Keeping Chickens Course. This was very informative and fun! I’m now confident that I will keep healthy and happy hens. I will always buy my hens from her and I know that If I ring her with a question that she will answer. I wholeheartedly recommend Sally's course to anyone wanting to live the good life!