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How Much Time do Chickens Require? Do I Have Enough?

- 1 minute read time

‘How much time do chickens require?’ is another big question which you will need to answer before getting some feathery friends. Fortunately, chickens are very easy to keep, once you know how, and they do not need much of your time.

You can also save lots of time and money by choosing equipment and housing which requires little cleaning and maintenance. (You can even avoid some of the mucky jobs altogether!)

Whatever your set-up, you will need to provide your chickens with everything they need to be healthy and happy. To help you figure out whether you have enough time to keep chickens, read this guide in full.

Daily Chicken Chores

– 2 minutes read time

No matter how much you shell out (bad pun intended) on fancy chicken keeping gadgets and equipment, you’ll still need to do some daily chicken chores. Daily chicken chores include:…

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Weekly Chicken Chores

– 2 minutes read time

Some chicken chores will need doing every week. (I like to do these on either Saturday or Sunday morning, and then sit watching the chickens in the afternoon!) Weekly chicken…

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Other Chicken Chores

– 2 minutes read time

There are some other chicken chores which will need doing from time to time. (Some monthly, some seasonally and others annually). Read on to learn what they are. Other Chicken…

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