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Housing Requirements – The Chicken Run

In my experience, the coop is often the first thing that new chicken keepers buy (or build) and it is accidentally given primary importance.  The chicken run is sometimes overshadowed by the coop, and its many important functions can be overlooked, with devastating and expensive consequences.

A chicken run is a simple structure but, when done properly, it will protect your hens from many dangers.  (Bad weather, sickness and predators).  What’s more, a good run will make your chicken keeping experience much more enjoyable!

Luckily, there are only two types of run to choose from.  Attached or Walk-In.  Whichever you choose, it is important to know what makes a good chicken run. 

Now you know what makes a good run for your chickens (and for you), let’s go shopping! 

Attached or Walk in Chicken Run?

The chicken run is another important piece of chicken keeping equipment, and yet it isn’t always given the attention it needs. The type of run you buy will affect how…

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