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About Us

Welcome to Happy Garden Hens

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Hello there!  We’re Vlad, Sally and Cat we are crazy about chickens!  Chickens make us happy (very happy) and we work hard to make sure that our chickens are happy too.  

We truly believe that the benefits of owning a flock of chickens go far beyond the baskets of freshly laid eggs.  Chickens are clever, friendly and fun creatures who bring new (and unique) joy into many families and gardens.

We are passionate about the welfare of chickens, and we’ve always worked very hard to help chickens and new chicken keepers.  So, we’re very eggcited (sorry) to talk to you about your new feathered friends.

We’re very much here to help you on your journey to becoming a happy hen keeper, so check out our extensive guides on How To Keep Chickens.  You can also book our online course for only £10 (that’s a saving of 50%!)

For more information please contact Sally, our Chief Chicken Keeper, via our Contact Form.