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Happy Garden Hens - Chickens Breeder in Kent

About Us

Black Copper Maran Hen

Our Story

Chickens are intelligent animals with quirky, friendly and entirely unique personalities. I’ve always been fascinated by them!  Hens can make for wonderful pets and I consider mine to be a big part of my family. I have been responsibly breeding and raising chickens many years and I plan to continue to do so for many years to come!

Family Run Small Chicken Business

It is very important to me that the chickens I breed live long and happy lives.  To achieve this, I have designed and built spacious and fully-predator proof enclosures.  I haven’t lost a chicken to the fox yet!  My coops are poultry specific plastic houses which have been made from recycled materials.  I use plastic to prevent my breeding chickens from battling with infestations of red mites.  All of my breeding chickens enjoy quality feed, health supplements and entirely suitable treats! I also provide them with ‘toys’ which both allow and encourage them to behave naturally; to scratch and forage.

Unusually, our chickens are also bred from unrelated parent stock.  I actively practice the responsible breeding of poultry, from my small-holding near Maidstone in Kent.  I also promote the survival of Rare British Breeds.  I am very proud to breed both the Cream Crested Legbar and the very vulnerable Ixworth.

I am also proud to offer incredibly informative, and invaluable, courses in chicken husbandry.  These are run throughout the year and take place at Detling Village Hall.

Why We’re Special

I practice strict bio-security, for the essential protection of my flock and for those who visit us.  I achieve this by following lots of different bio-security measures.  For example, I have installed disinfectant foot baths at the door of each of my pens and enclosures.  Moreover, any new breeding stock are quarantined on a separate piece of land, far away from my existing flock, for a period of eight weeks.

Visitors are allowed to choose their own chickens, but to do so via photographs!  For the protection of my flock and yours, visitors are not permitted access to either the chickens or to the land on which my chickens are bred and raised.  This is because human traffic has been proven to spread diseases and parasites.

Finally, it is also very important to me that I offer advice and support to anyone with an interest in keeping hens.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about keeping chickens.

For more information please contact Sally on 07798652178 or HappyGardenHens@outlook.com