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Chicken Keeping Courses

With our simple and straightforward approach, you’ll learn how to keep a small flock of happy and productive laying hens.

Sally, our Chicken Expert and Experienced Course Leader.

“I have kept and bred chickens for many years, and I’ve enjoyed every moment with my feathered friends!  My approach to chicken care is simple and straightforward.  I believe that chickens should live long, happy and healthy lives.  I also believe that you should be able to enjoy your flock enormously.  Over the years, I have helped many keepers achieve this happy balance.

Keeping chickens can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it, and every experienced keeper will have their own advice to give to beginners.  This course is my way of introducing you to keeping chickens.  It will fully prepare you for a lifetime of hen ownership.”

We are currently closed whilst our chief chicken keeper, Sally, recovers from an operation.  You can still access the remote chicken keeping course which you can book via our online shop.  We will fully re-open all of our courses in 2020.