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Happy Garden Hens - Chickens Breeder in Kent

Chickens for Sale

Fertilised Hatching Eggs£1
Day Old Chick*£10-£15
Sexed Growers£20
POL (18 Weeks)£25
Mature Hens (22+ Weeks)£30

Buy Day Old Chicks – Hatching Service

Choosing Your New Chickens

Chickens for sale in Kent.  We have carefully selected three very different breeds to provide you with the very best of everything. Each hen looks very different, lays a very different coloured egg and has a different disposition. Together, they make for a very pretty, friendly and productive flock!

All of our hens are naturally friendly and inquisitive creatures. They make excellent pets and generously lay big, beautiful and colourful eggs. When kept together you can expect to collect a pretty blue, deep brown and tinted off-white basket of eggs for your breakfast. To learn more about each of the breeds, click onto the images featured directly below.

Please contact us to learn even more about the individual breeds as well as our current and future availability. We are now a small-business but we began as devoted hobbyists and very much maintain this mentality. Sally, our chicken expert, will answer any and every question you may have! When you buy our hens you benefit from unlimited after-sales advice and support to help you care for and to enjoy your hens!

We are not like other breeders because we are a closed flock. We practice strict bio-security to protect all of our chickens and those who visit us from diseases and parasites. Visits are arranged by appointment only but we are available all day, every day of the week! We understand that you are very busy and will make sure that you can come and speak to us at a time that suits you.

Our hatching eggs cost £1 each.  Only £1 each!

To reserve your hens either call us on 07798 652178 or send us a message by clicking here