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Black Copper Maran

The Maran originates from France and is sometimes known as the ‘French Maran’.  It was a Rare Breed hen but it is becoming increasingly popular.  This is partly because they lay lots of rich, deep dark brown eggs: approximately 250 a year!  This is also because they are a beautiful hen with a beautiful nature.  The Black Copper Maran is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to add something special to their flock.

This dual-purpose hen is a very popular choice for the garden hen keeper and for those who wish to keep chickens as pets. This is because Marans are naturally docile, friendly and hardy.  These hens will enjoy your attention and some treats!

Our Black Copper Marans

We breed the Black-Copper Variety.  These very pretty hens have feathered feet and rich copper flecks on their necks.  Their plumage appears black, from a distance, but is iridescent.  Up close, their feathers have a rich green and blue sheen.

Our Majestic Marans are friendly, inquisitive and intelligent.  They are also remarkably hardy.  We breed our Black Copper Marans from unrelated parent-stock and we raise them in spacious, fully predator proof enclosures.  We also practice strict bio-security.  This is to protect both our flock and yours.

When you collect your chicken, we perform a hen health check for you!  We demonstrate the good health of your hen by examining her beak, nostrils, eyes, ears, toes, feet, legs and vent.  You also benefit from unlimited after-sales support, when you buy a hen from us.  We also give you a unique discount code for a top online poultry retailer!

Black Copper Maran
Fertilised Hatching Eggs£2
Day Old Chick£10
Sexed Chicks (Up to Six Weeks)£15
POL (18 Weeks)£25
Mature Hens (22+ Weeks)£30