Black Copper Maran

The Black Copper Maran Hen

The Rare, Pure Breed Maran originates from France and is sometimes known as the ‘French Maran’. This dual-purpose hen is a very popular choice for the garden hen keeper and for families with young children. They also make brilliant pets. This is because Marans are naturally hardy, docile and friendly. These will be a very friendly presence in your garden and will certainly enjoy some treats and attention.  They also lay lots of rich, deep dark brown eggs: approximately 240 a year.

We breed the Black-Copper variety. These very pretty hens have feathered feet, black plumage and copper flecks on their necks.


As devoted hobbyists, we are very pleased to offer unlimited after-sales advice and support. We also encourage anyone with a desire to keep a few hens to speak to us, so that we may do our very best to provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you care for and to enjoy your flock!

My flock is closed and I practice strict bio-security, for the essential protection of both my flock and for those who visit and buy chickens from us.

Black Copper Maran
Hatching Eggs£3
Day Old Chick£7
Sexed Chicks£12
Growers up to 13 weeks£24
POL (14 weeks onwards)£30