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Cream Crested Legbar

The Cream Crested Legbar is a Beautiful British Breed.  Although it is still rare, the breed is becoming increasingly popular.  This is partly because they generously lay lovely blue/green coloured eggs: as many as 250 a year!  This is also because they are very pretty, with a very impressive crest. The Cream Crested Legbar is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to add something special to their flock.

An Auto-Sexing Breed

The Cream Crested Legbar is unusual, and very special, because it is an auto-sexing breed.  Unlike most chickens, Legbars can be sexed from the moment they hatch.  This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to raise chicks but cannot keep cockerels.  (The lighter coloured chick with a white spot on its head is male.  The darker coloured chick with dark coloured stripes is female).

Our Lovely Legbars

Our Lovely Ladies are friendly, inquisitive and intelligent.  They are also remarkably agile and hardy.  We breed our Cream Crested Legbars from unrelated parent-stock and we raise them in spacious, fully predator proof enclosures.  We also practice strict bio-security.  This is to protect both our flock and yours.

When you collect your chicken, we perform a hen health check for you!  We demonstrate the good health of your hen by examining her beak, nostrils, eyes, ears, toes, feet, legs and vent.  Chickens for sale in Kent.

Cream Crested Legbar hatching eggs cost £1 each.  Only £1 each!

Cream Crested Legbar
Fertilised Hatching Eggs£1
Day Old Chick (sexed)£15
Sexed Growers£20
POL (18 Weeks)£25
Mature Hens (22+ Weeks)£30