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The Ixworth was created by Reginald Appleyard, during the 1930s.  The breed was destined for the table, after a short life of good egg laying.  They nearly went extinct, during the 1950s, due to the introduction of faster growing hybrid broilers.  This is a very Rare British Breed.

Although the future of the Ixworth is not yet certain it is becoming increasingly popular, and deservingly so!  This is partly because the Ixworth is a phenomenal dual-purpose breed.  The hens grow large and also generously lay large, tinted eggs: as many as 250 a year!  This is also because the breed has a gentle and friendly disposition.  They are excellent hens for free-range systems as well as for gardens and allotments.

The Ixworth is a big hen: over 3kg at maturity!  They have beautifully bright white plumage and lovely white legs.  Their eyes are a bright orange or yellow.  They also have a pretty pea combe.  The Ixworth is a very striking hen.

Our Ixworths

Our Lovely Ladies are friendly and inquisitive.  They are also hardy and good foragers.  We breed our Ixworths from unrelated parent-stock and we raise them in spacious, fully predator proof enclosures.  We also practice strict bio-security.  This is to protect both our flock and yours.

When you collect your chicken, we perform a hen health check for you!  We demonstrate the good health of your hen by examining her beak, nostrils, eyes, ears, toes, feet, legs and vent.  Chickens for sale in Kent.

Ixworth hatching eggs cost £1 each.  Only £1 each!

POL (12-18 Weeks)£30

Fertilised Hatching Eggs£1
Point of Lay Hens (18 Weeks)£30