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How to Keep Chickens

Things to Think About Before Getting Chickens

Now that you have decided to keep chickens, you may want to start buying the equipment that you need. But before you get cracking (bad pun intended) you should check to see if chickens are right for you and that you are right for chickens!

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Chicken Keeping Equipment – What You Want and Need

There are lots of different coops, runs, feeders and drinkers available to buy (or build). The choices you make will have a big impact on your chickens’ quality of life. How long your chicken chores take, and how much you enjoy keeping chickens will also be affected by which coop you choose. (No pressure!)

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Hen Health – The Good and The Bad

It’s important to emphasise that mental health and physical health aren’t separate from one another.  But, for the purposes of this guide, we tackle them in different sections so that…

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