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Happy Garden Hens - Chickens Breeder in Kent

Before You Get Started – Are you allowed to keep chickens?

Now that you have decided to keep chickens, you may want to start buying the equipment that you need.  But before you get cracking, pun intended, you should check that you can keep poultry.  Chickens are classed as livestock in the United Kingdom, and certain restrictions can apply.

Start by talking to your council, to check that there are no local by-laws or covenants which prevent you from keeping poultry.  If you plan on housing your hens on an allotment, you should also ask the local council whether they have any rules pertaining to the type or number of chickens that you may keep.  In our experience, most councils will permit you to keep a small flock of laying hens but not a cockerel.  They may also require you to keep vaccinated chickens, instead of unvaccinated chickens.

If you plan to keep poultry at your home, check the deeds to your property or your tenancy agreement to see whether there are any other restrictions which may prevent you from doing this.