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Chickens and Noise


Hens don’t make much noise, but they might make more than you’d expect.  Throughout the day, they will happily cluck or chuck amongst themselves.  They may yell if startled, and they will cackle loudly after laying an egg.  (It is not known whether this is a sign of pride or relief!)

A small number of hens shouldn’t create enough noise to irritate a neighbour or to warrant a visit from your local authorities.

However, you should still try to position your chickens as far away from housing as possible.  Remember.  Your neighbours might not like the sound of chattering hens as much as you do!


Contrary to popular belief, a cockerel will crow throughout the day and even throughout the night!  They crow to demonstrate their sexual maturity, and to protect their territories.  (Locking them away in the darkness will not stop them crowing.)

Whether you live in the town or in the country, a crowing cockerel can become a noise nuisance very quickly.  This is because most breeds will easily exceed noise pollution limits.

We recommend that you don’t keep a cockerel if you live in a built-up area, or if you have immediate neighbours.  Remember.  Your hens will live together very happily without a cockerel, and they will still lay lots of lovely eggs for you!

If you must keep a cockerel, we suggest that you discuss this with your neighbours first.  We also recommend that you don’t keep more than one.  (Cockerels will crow more often and more loudly if they can see or hear another cockerel).