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Choosing the Right Chickens – Planning your Perfect Flock

What Type of Chickens Should I Buy?

There are many, many different breeds of chicken available to buy.  However, not all of these will be suitable for you.  Before contacting a breeder, think carefully about what you want to get from your flock.  This will help you to find your perfect hen.

Chickens can be organised by both Parentage and Purpose.

Organised by Purpose:

  • Layers – Birds bred for egg laying
  • Broilers – Birds bred for the table
  • Dual-purpose – A good egg layer and a table bird
  • Fancy – Birds bred for showing

Organised by Parentage:

  • Pure breed
  • Hybrid

What Age Chickens Should I Buy?

Chickens can be bought at any age.  However, the needs of chickens greatly vary according to how old they are.  You can buy chickens as:

  • Hatching Eggs
  • Chicks (up to 6 weeks old)
  • Growers (between 6 and 14 or so weeks old)
  • Point of Lay or POL (Over 14 or so weeks old)

Sexing Chickens

If you decide to buy younger chickens you run the risk of buying a cockerel.  This is because it is extremely difficult to tell the sex of a young chicken.  If you buy a cockerel you will not be able to return it to the breeder.


Should I Buy Vaccinated or Un-vaccinated Chickens?

In our experience, the subject of vaccination is controversial and the decision to buy either vaccinated or un-vaccinated hens is entirely personal.

It is worth remembering that most hybrid hens will be sold vaccinated and most pure-bred chickens will be sold un-vaccinated.  Some breeders will vaccinate against some diseases but not others.  We do not vaccinate our chickens.

To learn more about the potential pros and cons of vaccination, book onto one of our informative chicken keeping courses.