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Smells – Cleaning Coops and Disposing of Manure

Fresh poultry droppings are smelly.  Mountains of manure will, of course, be even smellier!  To avoid offending your senses, and the neighbours, clean your chicken housing regularly.  (How often you do this will depend upon the type of coop you have and the number of chickens you keep.)

It is also important to dispose of manure safely and legally.  There are two ways to do this.  If you have immediate neighbours, we suggest that you talk to your local council about disposing of your chicken waste.  Most councils will collect chicken manure with your usual weekly collection.

Alternatively, some chicken keepers and keen gardeners turn waste into fertiliser!  Chicken droppings can be rotted down to make an excellent fertiliser.  However, this takes several months, and it isn’t nearly as easy as composting.  Spread their muck too soon and it could burn your plants, pollute the land it may even be hazardous to your health!