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What Does Point of Lay (POL) Mean?

The term ‘Point of Lay’ is quite confusing, especially to first-time hen keepers.  To many, the term POL suggests that their new chickens will start to lay eggs very soon, perhaps even within the first few days of ownership.

However, the term Point of Lay actually refers to hens that are less than one year old: also known as pullets.  (Pullets are young hens which have not yet reached full maturity).

In our experience, most POL chickens are sold between 14-18 weeks old.  Most breeds will begin to lay around 24 weeks of age but some breeds can take up to 52 weeks to produce their first egg!

Our POL chickens are between 16-18 weeks old and our breeds begin to lay between 22-26 weeks of age.  However, moving to a new home can be very stressful for chickens and this can slow the laying process.  The time of year can also affect laying.