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Letting Your Hens Roam Free (In the garden!)

Chickens love to be able to roam and scratch freely.  Your garden may be the perfect place for them to forage for tasty insects and flowers.  They will soon dig themselves a dust bath and make themselves quite at home in any flower beds or vegetable gardens!

However, it is important to give your new chickens time to settle into their new home before letting them loose.  Otherwise they may wander off on their own, never to be seen again! 

Keep your hens enclosed within a run for at least one month, after bringing them home.  This should give them enough time to settle into their new coop and run.  This is important because your chickens need to learn that their coop is a safe place to roost at night and that they can find food, water and grit in their run.  If you let your hens out too soon, they may wander off in search of a new home!

It may also be necessary to clip your chickens’ wings.  If this is something you decide to do, make sure that they have somewhere safe to go in case a predator attacks.