Happy Garden Hens - Chickens Breeder in Kent

Our Bio-Security Measures

We follow strict bio-security measures, which are unique to our set-up, to help us protect our flock and yours.  We have outlined some of these for you below:

  • We only use disinfectants which have been approved by DEFRA for use on poultry housing and equipment
  • We have a separate set of footwear for each enclosure, to avoid possible cross contamination
  • We have separate equipment for each enclosure, to avoid possible cross contamination
  • We do not allow visitors onto the land where our chickens live. Visitors are not permitted to touch or handle any chickens before purchase.
  • We do not show any of our chickens and we do not attend poultry auctions.
  • We have roofed all our enclosures, to protect our chickens from wild bird droppings which may spread diseases and parasites
  • We have designed and built our own spacious and fully predator proof enclosures. (We haven’t lost a chicken to the fox yet!)  We have also double meshed these enclosures, to keep wildlife out and to avoid the spread of diseases and parasites
  • We only use plastic poultry specific coops. These are made from recycled materials and can be fully disinfected, unlike wooden housing.
  • We quarantine all new breeding stock on a separate piece of land for a period of no less than eight weeks.
  • We do not breed from stock we either know or suspect to have a transmittable disease

For more information about how we protect our chickens, please contact sally on 07798652178 or email us at happygardenhens@outlook.com