Happy Garden Hens - Chickens Breeder in Kent

Our Ethos – Why We’re Special

At Happy Garden Hens, we recognise that the needs of our chickens go beyond the physical.  We work equally hard to fulfil the mental needs of our flock as we do the physical.  We choose to act upon the advice of the Farm Animal Welfare Council (1979).

We also actively promote the responsible care of chickens through our informative courses in chicken husbandry.  These run throughout the year and are available to anyone and everyone with an interest in keeping chickens.  These courses are also suitable for those who already own chickens, and wish to learn more, or who have owned chickens many years ago.

We are also proud to promote the survival or Rare British Breeds such as the very vulnerable Ixworth.  We are happy to help anyone with an interest in breeding the Ixworth and we sell fertilised hatching eggs.

For more information about how we look after our chickens, please contact sally on 07798652178 or email us at happygardenhens@outlook.com